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The role of innovation in Australian High Performing Workplaces

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw PHD - Sunday, November 01, 2015

Why are some workplaces simply more profitable and productive than others? What are the hallmarks of high performing workplaces? Do you work in a high performing workplace? Would you like to help create a high performing workplace?

The answers to some of these questions are found in a ground-breaking Australian study conducted by The Society of Knowledge Economics called “Leadership, Culture and Management Practices of High Performing Workplaces in Australia.” In High Performing Workplaces (HPWs) profitability and productivity were most strongly and significantly correlated with leadership and innovation. It is hardly surprising that HPWs are significantly more innovative than Low Performing Workplaces. Some of the ways in which they demonstrate this innovation are in:

  • Product or services. New or significantly changed products or services or a combination of these are regularly introduced in the organisation.
  • Operational processes. New or significantly changed methods of producing or delivering goods or services are regularly introduced.
  • Organisational/managerial processes. New or significantly changed strategies, structures, routines or change programs are regularly implemented.
  • Marketing methods. New or significantly changed design, packaging or sales methods are regularly introduced.
  • Resources were made available fund new strategic initiatives.
  • The organisation has mechanisms in place for capturing ideas from employees.
  • The organisation has formal processes in place for systematically assessing and responding to innovation ideas from employees.
  • The organisation is effective at transforming ideas into new products, processes or services.

Innovation can’t be left to chance, rather it must be threaded through the very fabric of the organisation and become part of the DNA of the enterprise. This is what differentiates High Performing Workplaces from Low Performing Workplaces.

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