Innovation Acceleration Program for Organisations

Duration: 5+ months
Delivery mode: Face-to-face / Webinars/ On-line
Prerequisite: Must be an organisation with minimum of 25 staff.

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Progressive organisations today know that innovation has become a key driver for success in every industry and sector. However a common pitfall is that organisations don’t take a strategic enough approach to the implementation of innovation which ends up costing them valuable time, resources and good will.

There’s no denying that organisations that have a culture of innovation deliver superior results and outcomes. Why is that?

Because they have the benefits of:

  • Enthusiastic, creative problem-solvers who are motivated to find solutions to difficult problems
  • An embedded culture of innovation that nurtures great ideas that are put into action
  • Ways of unlocking and harnessing peoples’ creativity to drive innovation and continuous improvement
  • Open channels of communication along which innovation can flow to leverage the collective knowledge, skills and wisdom of team members
  • Sustained innovation that delivers consistent results without losing momentum

I have a 10 step process that demystifies innovation and cascades it throughout the organisation in five months. I personally work within your organisation to educate and coach your leaders, track and measure your results and guide the transformation process.

If you are happy with your current levels of innovation capacity and momentum, team engagement and organisational ‘energy’ then I congratulate you. Succeeding in transitional times such as we are experiencing right now can be very challenging.

However if you would like to increase your innovation capacity then reach out to me. I offer a limited number of complementary 90 minute strategy sessions for organisations keen to experience the benefits of embedding innovation into their DNA. To book, contact me directly. I’d be happy to help you map out your strategy and explore if and how I can help transform your organisation.

Contact me directly on or 0411 330 301.


"We engaged Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw of Innovation Edge to assist us to develop and sustain a culture of innovation in QCT. Dr Yashin-Shaw delivered a program over a 9 month period that consisted of a variety of components which included data collections, workshops, seminars, on-line tools and resources and a series of relevant tasks and projects to build momentum for innovation across the organisation. The quality of Dr Yashin-Shaw’s work was exceptional. She is an engaging facilitator who ensured that everyone contributed to the issues identified. She has extensive knowledge and understanding of innovation and how to create an environment within an organisation for innovation to thrive.

Not only did the participants find the workshops informative, they also found them fun. There were immediate benefits for the QCT from Dr Yashin-Shaw’s work. The benefits included enhanced communication and relationships across the organisation with much greater willingness of staff to contribute ideas and participate in making innovation happen; thinking differently about the challenges facing the QCT; increased confidence of staff in calculated risk taking and an increased capacity of staff to use different tools and process to develop options for innovative solutions. Processes were put in place to ensure the longevity of the program and that the innovation momentum is sustained. Participants of the workshops enjoyed Dr Yashin-Shaw’s warm personality and her willingness to ensure their needs were met."

John Ryan. Director. Queensland College of Teachers

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