The Innovative Leader Program

Duration: 8 Weeks
Delivery mode: Face-to-face / Webinars / Online

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As leaders, we always want better results.  We want productive, vibrant organisations that serve at the highest levels.

Innovation is a critical foundation for success in our new super-VUCA world.  Workplaces needs leaders who engage their people and unlock the creative potential in both the team and the organisation. Performance depends upon innovation.

I work with a small number of committed leaders who want to master innovation leadership and facilitate great outcomes for their teams and organisations.  If that’s you then I’d like to extend an invitation to you to book a strategy session with me.  I’ll be delighted to help you map out your Innovation Leadership Roadmap to see if and how I can assist you.

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Leading in a complex and constantly changing environment brings exciting ongoing challenges, the Innovative Leader Mentoring Program has provided very contemporary insights and skills to enable me to see where innovation is critical in this new world, and how we can be responsive and adaptable. The program has opened a creative thinking process which has flicked a switch on how I see, and use, innovation. Prior to the program I didn’t really know how to use the creativity we all have, to engage in a different way with our teams, and help energise us towards clever and smart workforces. I can highly recommend Irena’s program, she is certainly dynamic and very tuned into the needs of the individuals in our program, I found there were many times where the light bulb came on. Our webinars and face-to-face sessions pushed us to think critically about where we were personally and where our teams are at. It was also a great networking opportunity with other leaders. Thank you Irena!  L. Smith Director. Department of Health.

I found Irena inspiring and practical to work with – she engendered new ways of igniting creativity and innovation and I find that I delve into the toolkit regularly. J. Hedger. Director Business Engagement. DSITI.

I found the Innovative Leader Mentoring Program with Dr. Irena to be a great opportunity to discover the ‘tools’ that all leaders need to succeed. This program has transformed my thinking about innovation. A good leader must understand what innovation is and how it can be applied in the workplace. Participating in the program gave me the confidence and the support to launch an important, much needed and overdue innovation in my workplace for digitising records to reduce costs and streamline record keeping processes. I highly recommend this program because it enables leaders to action innovation. M. Fleming. Business Manager. PSBA.

Irena is a powerhouse of energy and a driver of innovative thinking. The Innovative Leader Mentoring Program led by Irena was an amazing experience! As a result I have been able to create an environment for my team that allows them to unlock their innovative ideas - ideas that they often didn't realise how to tap into. My team are inspired to try new things and to look for ideas in new and unexpected ways. I understand now how integral innovative thinking is to the future of how any organisation goes about its day to day business. Thanks Irena!  T. Young. Manager. DHPW. 

Irena’s programme has been inspirational to me and changed my mindset regarding innovation and creativity. I have stepped outside my comfort zone and taken my team with me. While working with Irena I piloted a project that introduced a new knowledge management system which I believe will be how infrastructure will be designed, build and managed in the future.  For me a key outcome of working with Irena is the realisation that we must ADAPT or become extinct. Not only do we have to keep up with the times and the technology, but we have to DRIVE the change! Irena provided the path, showed me how to implement change then stood by me and encouraged me to keep going and moving forward when things got tough. G. Ilic. Principal Engineer. TMR.

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