Solution-Centred Teams Program

Duration: Variable
Delivery mode: Face-to-face and Online

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Organisations today are desperately seeking teams that can solve challenges more creatively and collaboratively, that avoid default solutions and deliver better outcomes - faster. Organisations NEED to develop and better utilise the creativity, expertise and talent of their people if they want to achieve their organisational goals in the Innovation Age. The Solution-Centred Teams Program brings clarity, creativity and collaboration to team performance to deliver exceptional outcomes.

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“The StrateGEE® psychometric tool was an excellent individual and team based assessment model. It was quick to implement, easy to understand and has provided significant insight for my team, not only as individuals, but also in identifying team gaps and areas for development. In only one hour I knew individual and our team’s creative problem-solving preferences. Within two hours the team was looking at strategies to develop into areas they are less comfortable in. These developments were incorporated into their individual performance appraisals and will be recalled when forming project teams.” C. Jackson. Deputy Director. Institute of Social Science Research. University of Queensland.

“One of the key wisdoms from the Ancient Greeks is to “know thyself”. To truly know yourself and identify your strengths and weaknesses is incredibly powerful. The StrateGEE® model does just that. It is a simple and structured method that brings self-awareness about the type of ‘creative problem-solver’ you are and what traits typically represent you. Most importantly, it is adaptive and doesn’t ‘pigeon-hole’ you, but rather gives insight into how you can evolve your thinking. It then goes a step further to help you develop and capitalize on that. With this important knowledge, you can get the best out of your team, your peers and yourself.” S. Duke, Senior Manager Sustainability. North Queensland Bulk Port Corporation.

“Irena’s program has provided increased knowledge for our team, built their skill and also their confidence to challenge their perceptions and change their behaviour. She has an ability to relate to and engage with everyone in the group when presenting, bringing in everyone’s contribution. I am already seeing great results in altered thinking, and application of the learnings. Thankyou Irena for your contribution in helping our leadership team master collaboration for dynamic business outcomes.” Sandra Gillanders. CEO. Hy-Performance Fluid Power Pty Ltd.

“I love the concept of a simple, no frills, easy-to-use tool that helps me understand the rest of the world. Now I know to allow space for others to offer ideas and how to encourage others to follow my lead without overpowering them.” P. Burgmann. Project Manager. DSITI.

“I have done a lot of programs in my career and have found this to be one of the most useful. Irena’s training was snappy and well run. And the tool is easy to use and implement in the business.” Sarah Vandersee. Director Advisory Services. QSS. DSITI.

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