In 2016 Dr Irena continues her collaboration with the Business Innovation and Improvement in Government Network to deliver public sector innovation programs across the state of Queensland. This is the third year that Dr. Irena has been taking the message of innovation to state government agencies. Check out what people have said.

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw is once more the proud recipient of a WIIN Grant from Enterprise Connect. She will be holding face-to-face workshops entitled "Innovating to Compete in a Global Economy" in Perth (4th September) and Darwin (6th September). Register at

Enterprise Connect of the Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research. Enterprise Connect is dedicated to building the strength and effectiveness of Australia’s small to medium size enterprises. Please visit their website for more information about the scope of the excellent services and activities provided by Enterprise Connect.

Dr. Irena has recently concluded a series of workshops and webinars entitled "Innovating to Compete in a Global Economy" for businesses on the Australian East coast. Here is what some of the participating business had to say.

  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane

In 2011 the WIIN grant enabled Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw to travel to regional hubs throughout Queensland to deliver workshops entitled “Innovating for Growth and Profit in Regional Queensland”.

This is what some of the participants in the various regions had to say.

  • Rockhampton
  • Townsville
  • Bundaberg
  • Beaudesert
  • Mackay

Feedback from Some of the Participants

“I built some really strong networks with other local businesses during the workshop that have extended past the day as we are still communicating. In particular Dab Engineering has great synergy with our business. We are not competitors but rather co-petitors, able to help each other build our respective businesses. This strategic alliance would not have happened had we not had the opportunity to network so well during the innovation workshop. We have also employed a new staff member to handle the sales and admin side of the business so that I can be more strategic in business development activities. A very useful and interesting workshop. Irena involved the participants in interactive activities and engaged the group in stimulating conversations. A very worthwhile day! ”

Dell Day. DC Motors. Manager. Rockhampton.

“In the innovation workshop we found the brainstorming session particularly useful. We were able to continue the process back in the workplace to help us grow our business.”

Rebecca Enright. Jade Corporate. Mackay.

“I am very pleased to have attended the workshop “Innovating for Growth and Profit in Regional Qld.” The course was designed, and delivered by Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw PhD as part of a grant from Enterprise Connect of the DIISR. I’ve been to many courses over the years, (often delivered by people who were, at the time, touted as the fountains of knowledge regarding the process of good business but failed to live up to expectations.) Dr. Yashin-Shaw’s course was instructive; insightful, and lateral, and her intellect huge. However, the message she delivers is simple and able to be understood by people like me. A great number of her ideas leave the listener thinking “how obvious is that? Why didn’t I think of that? Her course was a revelation in common sense in both the handling of business principles, plus the handling of people to achieve those principles. To any employer who wants to expand the vision of their employees, and help them grow in this difficult business climate, I recommend they send them to her course. It will open their eyes to the possibilities that are available to all of us, to achieve excellence in the world of business.”

John Dalziel CEO. Agree Air Pty Ltd. Beaudesert.

“Dr. Yashin-Shaw’s knowledge and enthusiasm for innovative thinking was well received by Prime Carbon! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to the future of business – a future where we collaborate to innovate.”

Tonielle Christensen. Prime Carbon. Townsville

“That was the most enjoyable business workshop I have ever attended. The dynamic, vibrant and interactive structure and Irena's inspiring personality put us all at ease with Irena, the content and the other attendees, which I think allowed us all to get a lot more out of it. It was a very supportive environment.”

Lisa Goodwin. Get Smart Online Productions. Owner. Mackay.

“Really good workshop! I'm glad that I invested today, and several days of my own time after the event with staff innovating ourselves into the future. End result will be increased sales and increased profits and job security and job satisfaction for all my staff.”

Leon Cudzzilla. Director. Matilda Internet. Mackay.

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