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Leading in the Innovation Age
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Leading in the Innovation Age

Unleash knowledge, talent and experience to create an innovative workplace.

This refreshingly simple and entertaining book gives leaders the essential skills to unlock the potential of their people in the service of innovation. Packed with practical and powerful tips, case studies and stories, Leading in the Innovation Age shows leaders how to:

  • create workplaces that are vibrant and future-ready
  • develop teams eager to participate in the innovation imperative
  • empower people to be successful, adaptive life-long learners.

Whether you are an emerging or established leader, this book will provide you with the insights and tools to thrive in the innovation age.

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"Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw’s mastery is in her ability to engage on the topic of innovation in an inspirational and fun way that is also practical and meaningful. Whilst many would connect the concept of innovation with the realms of entrepreneurs, Irena brings to life in this book the role of innovators within organisations - the ‘intrepreneaur’. Irena highlights the significant role that all of us can play as ‘interpreneurs’- shining a light on innovation opportunities within organisations."

"I have always been impressed by how Irena uses her creative approach to develop innovations that move businesses and organisations forward. Her insight, intelligence and humour allow her to lift the scales from others’ eyes so they can see new possibilities. What a bonus to have all this wisdom collected in one book."

"Dr Yashin - Shaw in Leading in the Innovation Age is addressing the commercial world’s greatest challenge, how to win the race to the future? Her ‘Meta-Skills’ are a great place of focus for leaders both emerging and established. Reading her work you get a sense of calm in the chaos of change that surrounds us all. The section on polemics, dynamics and mechanics makes the implementation of change in large, complex networks viable. I loved it, well written, easy to read and practical."

"The genius of Leading in the Innovation Age is its beguiling simplicity. Irena's book gently, but firmly, strips away any notion that innovation is a 'someday' proposition in our organisations. It challenges our belief that innovative work is only done by entrepreneurs, in startups or by techno-geeks. Instead, Irena reveals how everyday people - cubicle commandos in the Australian public and private sectors, small business, education and not- for- profits - are the secret sauce of innovation. Her book shows that, by supporting our people to build seven innovation meta-skills, our work will be competitive and commended in the Innovation Age."

"The future is here! If you don’t get on board, or you don’t know how, you will become irrelevant. In Leading in the Innovation Age, Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw gives us practical tips on how to push ourselves into a space of true leadership. She shows us the simple developments that we can and should undertake if we want an innovative workplace. An easy read that demonstrates exactly why Dr Yashin-Shaw is a leader of leaders."

"In an uncertain and dramatically changing future, innovative practice will no longer be considered an optional extra. It will become a mandatory requirement, and the talented Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw is the one who can help you to implement this much-needed thinking for the future. If you are serious about innovation, then read this book. Her ‘Meta-Skills’ will make a profound difference to the professional world."

"Leading in the Innovation Age is an easy “must read” for leaders who want to use innovation as a key strategic theme to underpin developing better services and lower costs. Innovation leadership is about supporting your people to have the courage to make a start. This book will help you help them to do that."

"More than anyone else I know, Irena has a natural ability to empower, inspire and believe in each person's potential. In workshops, I have seen the effortless way that Irena makes innovation accessible and am delighted that she has successfully translated that freshness into print. In a world of innovation-induced fear and anxiety, Irena has produced THE self-help guide to not only navigate change but lead it and reap the benefits."

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