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The Power of Perspective Shifting

Duration: 35-45 minutes

Discover the secrets of how to accelerate business success and live life to the fullest by shifting your perspective. In this entertaining, motivational and thought provoking presentation you will be inspired as Irena shows you how to find the hidden potential in your business and life by thinking creatively and looking at things differently.

Learn how to:

  • Find fresh perspectives on existing situations;
  • Empower your life by viewing existing circumstances through new eyes;
  • Break through the boundaries of your comfort zone to unlock your potential.

From Wow to Kapow: How to turbo-charge your thinking!

Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

How can we keep our thinking fresh and innovative in the face of heavy workloads, time constraints and entrenched practices? When faced with challenges daily in both our professional and personal lives, it is easy to fall into habitual ways of responding to them and consequently entrench ourselves in mental ruts. Learning to use some simple but powerful cognitive tools can lift our productivity and turbo-charge our thinking. In this presentation find out how to:

Learn how to:

  • Leap out of mental ruts
  • Access your vast store of un-utilised or under-utilised knowledge and put it to good use
  • Generate new solutions to old problems in your life and business
  • Be receptive to new ideas and how they can be applied in your context
  • Lift your productivity by solving problems quickly and innovatively
  • Use five simple but powerful cognitive tools to turbo-charge your thinking, problem-solving and strategising.

From Creativity to Innovation

Duration 30-60 minutes

We are all creative. Discover the secrets of how to generate, capture and implement your great ideas! How does creativity become innovation? In this entertaining and thought provoking presentation you will find the hidden potential in your life, business or career by thinking creatively and innovating effectively. Find out:

  • The secrets of the world’s greatest creative thinkers and innovators
  • The difference between creativity and innovation and why we need them both
  • How to avoid creativity crushers and innovation inertia
  • How to ensure your great ideas don’t go to waste!

Thinking Strategically in a World of Change

Duration 45-75 minutes

In this informative, interactive and entertaining keynote Irena identifies the global trends that require us to maintain a mindset of innovation as well as providing some strategies by which we can do that on a day to day basis. She presents practical methods by which leaders at all levels within organisations can innovate effectively within constraints. Using unique metaphors, props and activities participants learn how to balance the competing demands of staying grounded, anchored and accountable while at the same time unleashing the creativity that leads to innovation and continuous improvement? Find out how to create:

  • A mindset of innovation by:
    • Debunking the myths that prevent us from being creative problem solvers
    • Asking the key questions that keep our thinking fresh even in the face of time constraints and heavy workloads
    • Finding out how others across the public sector are innovating sustainably
  • A climate for innovation by:
    • Keeping our eyes on the ‘game’ and the ‘ball’ i.e. the strategy and the tactics
    • Recognising that everyone has a role to play, a contribution to make and a responsibility to participate when it comes to solving challenges creatively
    • Developing people’s ‘soft skills’
  • The channels for innovation by:
    • 'De-siloing’ through collaboration
    • Adopting an ‘open innovation’ model
    • Using Innovation Pods™

Leading for Creativity and Innovation

Duration 30 – 60 mins

The twenty first century innovation age requires a new style of leadership which is about asking the right questions rather than having the right answers. It is about understand the difference between managing creativity and managing for creativity and it is about knowing how to create an autonomous workforce, skilled at problem-solving and committed to life-long learning.

The organisation that will thrive in the Twenty First Century will be the one that can harness the collective cognitive resources of its people at all levels – individual, team and system. It means recognising that the knowledge, skills and wisdom residing within the people is one of the major assets of the organisation more valuable than tangible acquisitions. A good leader needs to know how to harness these resources in the service of organisational innovation that will ensure both sustainability and profitability.

This cutting edge keynote will show leaders how to increase the innovation potential of their organisation by:

  • Creating teams that are more self-reliant
  • Building a self-reflective and mindful workforce
  • Growing a learning organisation that is responsive and adaptable to change
  • Developing better problem-solving skills among staff
  • Avoiding the unintentional but common mistakes that disempower people
  • Leveraging the learning from project activities

StrateGEE®: The design of twenty-first century creative problem-solving

In this unique keynote Irena shares her framework for a whole brain approach to creative problem-solving. Based on her highly acclaimed and ground-breaking doctoral research, this keynote presentation brings you the most cutting edge content about how:

  • You can become an expert creative problem- solver
  • You can use this knowledge to transform your organisational productivity.

Having an effective framework to guide you through projects whether large or small:

  • Saves time and resources
  • Provides a strategic approach to challenges
  • Facilitates collaborative communication
  • Puts everyone on the same page

If you like design thinking then you’ll love the StrateGEE® approach. If you want to leverage your creativity then you now have a process. If you want to solve problems creatively and effectively you must hear this keynote presentation.

  • Understand the different kinds of thinking that are necessary for innovative, implementable outcomes
  • Learn how to use constraints and parameters as an advantage rather than a barrier
  • Be on the leading edge of twenty-first century creative thinking.

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