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Irena, you are inspirational! You have good use of props and deliver with plenty of variety. I loved what you did! Thanks.

Jason McDonald, Manager, Capital Corp Finance & Leasing

Irena’s StrateGEE model taps into a variety of fundamental problem-solving skills and synthesises them into a powerful tool to access new ideas about old problems.

Michelle Delebet, Business Manager, OSD Pipelines.

Irena’s presentations are lively, thought-provoking and funny. Irena works hard to provide the client what they are looking for and adds an extra ‘sparkle’ that keeps her audience engaged and interested. You will get more than you bargained for!

Sandra Taylor Learning and Development Officer Teachers Union Health

As a commercial solicitor I was able to achieve a range of outcomes from creatively thinking outside the square. Using the model I learnt from Irena took me far outside the kind of thinking I usually use when dealing with clients both commercial and government. It was an experience of how to think creatively in a business context. What came out of my mind and onto the paper absolutely astounded me. I was also really challenged to shift my perspective in the way I thought about so many aspects of my life not just work. Furthermore I was really edified by the quality of the interaction among the participants. A really worthwhile experience!

Shirley Vine, Lawyer, Brisbane

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