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Manufacturing and SME

Since attending Irena’s Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs workshop I realised that we needed to be more strategic in our approach to innovation in our organisation. Consequently we have adopted a more systematic, formalised and structured process for innovation which has given us a good plank for future growth and progress. Our entire staff now helps drive innovation which has resulted in more organisational depth and knowledge capture.

Bruce Cage. Managing Director. Trelleborg Engineered Systems.

We have implemented a number of changes in our business over the last few months as a result of participating in the Innovation Workshop for Manufacturing SMEs. One particularly important step forward has been to make innovation the responsibility of everyone in the organisation, not just the CEO.

Cherry Rankin. Company Director. Harris Products Group.

The ‘Thinking Beyond Boundaries Workshop’ was an event I appreciated from three points of view, relating to the tool itself, the workshop design and the skilled presentation of the content. I came away from the workshop with a really useful framework for generating creative changes to the training sessions I conduct, as well as ideas on how to apply it.

Diane Robertson Managing Director Austral Business Communication

We are now collaborating more effectively internally and externally as a result of making innovation a formal part of our business strategy. We now have dedicated time for collaborative creative problem solving.

Kevin van der Donk. Manager. Mox Products.

The workshop helped me to clarify what is and isn’t working in our business.

Kris Trevilyan. Marketing Manager Banana Farming Company / Multi Farming Systems.

As a result of coming to the innovation workshop I have reinvigorated our implementation of 5S. So in the last 2 weeks our staff has been more proactive so that I don’t need to drive every step. We also asked our employees to spend 15 minutes a day thinking about how they can do better tomorrow. So we are actively encouraging them to be reflective, in other words think about what they are doing and how to make it better.

Rob Newton, Managing Director. Laser Central

I now have a much better idea of what to look for in the business in order to make improvements. We have implemented a way of generating and capturing ideas from the staff which we didn’t have before and are trying to embed the innovation mindset more formally within our organization. This has brought much more organisational cohesion.

Scott Pascoe. Operations Manager. The Haggarty Group.

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