3 Day Executive Retreat

This event is a unique opportunity to invest in your leaders and your organization while gaining insights into difficult business problems. This three day interactive program is the perfect opportunity for busy people to take a step back, gain a strategic perspective, learn some valuable skills, problem-solve and network with others.

Filled with fun but relevant interactive activities, discussions and processes, the program delivers 3 days of cumulative, cutting edge, transformative content designed to make your organization more creative and innovative. Whether from the private or public sector this program will deliver excellent results for your people and organisation. Participants also take away with them:

  • Comprehensive training manual
  • A toolkit of creative thinking processes
  • A toolkit for facilitating organisation wide innovation
  • MP3 1 entitled “Essential Innovation”
  • MP3 2 entitled “Mastering the Art of Success through Creative Thinking”
  • Irena’s book The Creative Edge: Strategies for 24/7 creativity


Individual creativity and innovation


Creative leadership and team creativity and innovation


Organizational creativity and innovation

The Big Picture (latest research and trends from around the world)

The Benefits of Creativity in the Workplace

Understanding Your Brain

Identifying Individual Thinking Styles

How to Think Creatively

The Holistic StrateGEE Approach

Becoming Creative Problem-Solvers (applying the learning to real workplace challenges.)
Characteristics of Twenty-First Century Leadership

Creativity as an emerging core competency

Identifying Leadership Style

Leading Beyond Boundaries

5 Steps to Creative Leadership

Barriers to Creative Leadership

Benefits of Creative Leadership
Creating the Innovative Organization

Barriers to Innovation

Types of Innovation

Factors Contributing to the Innovation Imperative

Organisational Innovation Framework


Creating a Climate of Innovation

Creating the Channels for Innovation

Creating Collaboration

The Vault

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Sustainable Innovation

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Daily Innovation

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