Creative Collaboration

Half or Full Day Workshop

Collaboration is at the heart of the innovative workplace. But in real life ideas and knowledge do not seamlessly work their way from silo to silo within organizations or among organizations. Yet most organisations could serve their clients better, integrate service delivery and achieve more effective outcomes if they knew how to collaborate more effectively externally as well as internally.

Through a series of interactive and enjoyable but highly strategic exercises, this workshop creates the context in which collaboration can flourish. Through the carefully designed sequence of activities participants discover much about the colleagues with whom they could be collaborating in order to leverage resources. By the end of the workshop participants understand:

  • The roles their colleagues fill
  • The key drivers that motivate their potential collaboration partners and how that impacts on the communication channels
  • The benefits of proactive knowledge sharing
  • How collaboration can help everyone achieve their KPIs
  • The barriers to collaboration and how to overcome them.

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