Innovation for Manufacturers and SMEs

2 day face to face program delivered 8 weeks apart + 7 week eCourse

Manufacturers and SMEs are the engine of our economy. But productivity in this sector has slowed in the first decade of the 21st Century. Intensity of work and increasing capital investment no longer yield the same dividends. Similarly competing on the basis of quality or price is not enough. The new driver for 21st century productivity in this sector is INNOVATION. But innovation is not necessarily about R & D or technological advancements. It is just as much about building a better business model, responsiveness to market and continuous improvement.

Research indicates that many SME’s have a desire to innovate but have limited experience of the process. This market-tested workshop program has produced excellent results for manufacturers and SMEs. It takes a holistic approach to innovation within the business by addressing both strategic and operational issues. Delivery of the program is separated into two days held eight weeks apart to allow participants maximum opportunity to embed innovative practices within their business and begin measuring the outcomes.

Day 1 Program

  • The big picture. How the world has shifted in the 21st Century and the impact of these changes on your organisation
  • What is innovation and why is it so important
  • Characteristics of innovative organizations. What are the innovation markers? Simple seven step questionnaire to identify your innovation capacity.
  • What are the barriers to innovation? Take the simple 12 step questionnaire to identify the innovation barriers in your organisation
  • A simple innovation framework and audit to use in your organization. How to gain innovation momentum through:
    • Mindset
    • Climate
    • Channels
  • Creating short term and medium action plans based on the innovation audit for increasing your organisation’s innovation capacity

7 week eCourse

  • Weekly emails to maintain the innovation momentum
  • How to prepare for Day 2

Day 2 Program

  • Reporting on progress and trouble shooting
  • Creatively analysing your business strengths and weaknesses
  • Creative collaboration – learning from each other
  • How to become an expert creative problem solver
  • Feeding and managing the innovation pipeline
  • Think tank – each business is allocated some time for creative problem-solving on a difficult business issue.

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