INNOVATION PODS™: A facilitated process for sustained innovation

Innovation Pods™ are the ideal context to engage people in creative thinking and problem-solving around issues identified as priorities.

Pod activity will:

  • Facilitate the development of a culture of innovation
  • Provide opportunities for cross pollination as pod participants will ideally be drawn from across various levels of staffing and contexts
  • Provide opportunities for succession planning and organisational sustainability as pod members learn from each other
  • Harness tacit knowledge of staff in the service of organisational innovation
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Generate and capture ideas to address identified issues
  • Explore and evaluate the potential of new ideas
  • Actively engage all tiers of staff in the Innovation process
  • Create additional channels through which innovation can flow
  • Contextualise problem-solving
  • Provide a greater vocabulary of knowledge, wisdom and understanding out of which fresh perspectives and approaches can emerge
  • Help participants to see creative thinking and problem-solving as an integral part of their professional practice

Preparation for the Innovation Pods

Dr. Yashin-Shaw will provide input and guidance where required into the formation and tasking of the pods as this is a crucial step to ensure good outcomes.

Dr. Yashin-Shaw will mix-and-match the content from any keynotes and workshops to design a learning experience and format specifically for your context.

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