Innovation Skills for the Public Sector

1 or 2 day Workshop


We live in the innovation age! Innovation is very firmly on the national agenda for most public sector agencies around the world. Public sector innovation is a key contributor to a nation’s prosperity, standard of living and citizen welfare. Such innovations are often referred to as service reforms or improvements, restructuring or policy development but they are innovations nonetheless. Government agencies are tasked with delivering improved services yet at the same time face limited budgets; high workloads; entrenched thinking; and silos of knowledge and experience. Furthermore innovation in the public sector faces unique challenges because of the high levels of accountability and culture of risk aversion. The only way to deliver better services at a lower cost is to approach challenges mindfully, think strategically, and solve problems creatively. Then the outcomes will be beneficial, productive and innovative. This ‘hands-on’, ‘minds-on’ workshop designed with the public sector in mind will show you how.


This workshop shows public sector leaders and emerging leaders how to innovate productively on two different levels. Firstly at the broader strategic level that leads to a shift in organizational mindset and culture and secondly the tactical level by administering ‘baby steps’ to innovation that leads to continuous improvement. Based on her ground-breaking, internationally acclaimed doctoral research, Dr Yashin-Shaw guides people through a sustainable process of creative problem-solving and innovation that will ultimately improve the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of public sector organisations and teams. The workshop draws on ‘real life’ examples and case studies of innovations within public sector agencies from around the world. In the 2 day program participants also have the opportunity to immediately apply the processes to solve their own workplace challenges. Over the course of the program participants learn:

  • Why innovation is so important in the public sector?
  • Characteristics of innovative public sector organisations.
  • Characteristics of creative and innovative people.
  • How to:
    • Negotiate the particular challenges and barriers to public sector innovation
    • Respond to the innovation imperative within the public sector
    • Overcome entrenched thinking and mental ruts
    • Use cognitive tools for better thinking
    • View challenges from a new perspective
    • Think strategically for better outcomes
    • Generate, harness and sustain innovation in the public sector
    • Create a culture of innovation within a public sector organisation and lead creatively
    • Establish the channels for innovation

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