Thinking Beyond Boundaries

1 Day Workshop

A creative problem-solving workshop


The innovation age of the 21st Century has ushered in an era of unprecedented change and complexity. Thriving in this new landscape requires a different kind of thinking. Today more than ever people need to be able to think strategically, creatively and quickly. They need to generate original responses to challenges and opportunities while aligning outcomes to strategic goals.

This ‘hands-on’, ‘minds-on’ workshop is designed to give participants a method for literally ‘Thinking Beyond Boundaries’. Participants learn how to access and apply the vast store of knowledge and understanding we all have in order to solve challenges creatively and usefully. Imagine the impact on your life, your staff, and your team’s productivity if problems were solved innovatively, purposefully and strategically. In a time of budgetary constraints and escalating workplace demands we need to think beyond boundaries in order to not only maintain but lift productivity. This workshop will deliver the strategies by which to do that.


This workshop is designed to unlock the enormous potential stored within all of us. Dr Yashin-Shaw delivers a completely new tool for thinking creatively based on her ground-breaking PhD research. It incorporates some of the well known elements traditionally used in creative problem-solving such as brainstorming, perspective-shifting and synthesising but goes beyond these to place them in a broader context. The new internationally acclaimed model called StrateGEE® helps people to initiate the creative thinking process and then to sustain it until they reach the outcome they seek. Over the course of one day, the workshop reveals powerful techniques to:

  • Turn staff meetings into solution generating incubators
  • Transform ‘talkfests’ into innovative ideas
  • Translate great ideas into achievable actions and real results
  • Generate new solutions to old problems
  • Overcome mental blocks
  • Access your vast store of knowledge and put it to good use
  • Lift productivity by solving problems quickly and innovatively
  • Use the StrateGEE® Model to create new ideas for products and services
  • Use real world examples to prompt your own thinking
  • Leverage yourself out of mental ruts
  • Deal with all those issues you’ve been putting in the ‘too hard’ basket!

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