Thinking Leadership

Half or Full Day Workshop

Shifting the boundaries of what’s possible.


Leaders are people who have a vision, a plan to achieve it and a knack for drawing out the inherent talents and resources within their team to facilitate that outcome. Leadership is not about having the right answers but rather asking the right questions. It is the skill of encouraging new ideas and, challenging unproductive, entrenched mindsets while capitalising on the unique wisdom and experiences of the team. In this workshop you will discover an innovative approach to facilitate your strategic thinking skills and improve your leadership capabilities. From this hands-on, minds-on session you will take away a framework that will enable you to ask the kinds of questions that will propel your own thinking and that of your team beyond current possibilities You will find out how to kick-start and sustain your capacity for innovation and harness the cognitive resources of the people within your workplace.


Good questioning which leads to reflective thinking is a powerful way of enhancing performance because it requires people to examine their own practices and helps them to identify the gaps in their understanding for themselves. So it is a very empowering way of developing people because they take ownership and responsibility for their professional development, their skill development and ultimately therefore their career development. That’s not to say the leader doesn’t need good skills to start with but the more expertise you have the better your questions can be. In this session you will learn how to:

  • Effectively use questions that will prompt your people to think creatively
  • Harness and synthesise the collective knowledge of your team to solve difficult problems collaboratively
  • Avoid the ‘obvious’ solutions in favour of innovative ones
  • Harvest good ideas in a strategic and methodical way
  • Cross-fertilise ideas from different departments to build a cross-organisational workforce
  • Be a leader who brings out the best in people
  • How to encourage your people to be self-reflective, engaged learners and practitioners.

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